Not actively searching, but interested anyway?

As an HSEQ specialist it’s more than likely that you are not actively looking for a new employer. But maybe you haven’t got the ideal ‘fit’ with your current employer. Or you’d simply like to know if there are any other great opportunities out there on your career pathway – now or in the future. If so, we can help and guide you in finding a new job challenge that fits better into the picture of what your future career looks like!

Not yet looking actively? Let us have your details anyway and we’ll include you in our network.
You never know what the future may bring.

Our strength as an Executive Search bureau

We specialise in finding senior HSEQ professionals and other highly specialised positions. We identify the points at which your profile matches the needs of our clients. What else do we do? We guide you through the negotiations about the contract and your remuneration. You can read about what we do exactly below Our method in five stages.

Discreet approach

We always begin by analysing the corporate environment of our clients (companies) who have a vacancy they want to fill. We also analyse the situation and needs that created the vacancy in the first place, as well as the challenges that the job offers you as a candidate. We look at the contents of the job, along with other elements such as the company’s culture and structure. That way we can present the job to you as clearly as possible. In total confidence, of course.

We go through the job contents and the company’s DNA with you. We identify your interests, ambition, experience and knowledge about the vacancy available. We work exclusively with the client. So you cannot apply via a different channel for the jobs that we offer you. And we guarantee our clients that we only introduce candidates to them who have given us permission to do so.

Transparent communication

We are your sparring partner throughout the various stages of the process. We help and guide you appropriately. We’re discreet, transparent, respectful and committed. We are always available and offer you short lines of communication as well feedback. Before, during and after the time we work together.

Are you the chosen candidate?

Congratulations! But it doesn’t stop there. Your feedback and well-being at your new employer remain important for us. We also make regular evaluations about whether your new position is working to everyone’s satisfaction.