Matching DNA and culture

Our passion for Executive Search gives us the energy and inspiration that sets us apart. We keep looking until we find the ideal candidate for your company. Someone with the right background, experience, personality and attitude – and someone who is highly qualified. Our aim? To achieve the perfect match between your corporate culture and the candidate’s DNA. That way we arrive at a long-term relationship.
What’s the success of our approach?

For senior people in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ). For more than 20 years.

As a ‘like-minded’ partner, we speak the same language. We know the ins and outs of in HSEQ, we know the market, we know where the obstacles and sensitive areas are – and we also know about the pitfalls and challenges involved.

We ‘click’ with the people we are looking for, keep our finger on the pulse of what is going on and are curious about what the future holds.

A personal, discreet approach, and no-nonsense

As a retained Executive Search bureau, we start out from the assignment that you give us. We always begin with a blank canvas. No assumptions; but instead good understanding and listening, combined with asking the right questions. That way we get your wishes and expectations crystal clear. We don’t stay on the surface, but dig deep until we have a clear picture of the candidate who is an intrinsic match for the job and who also fits into your specific safety and corporate culture.

We represent your company discreetly and commit ourselves to every aspect of the search process. From defining the right strategy through to recruiting the candidate. And we work exclusively for you. You can be sure that we will only introduce candidates to you when we have their permission.

Our core values?

H Hands-on \\ No-nonsense

S Smart \\ Resilient

E Experienced \\ Persistent

Q Qualified \\ Resourceful

Retained Executive Search

We’ll be happy to act as your intermediary. We take responsibility for assessing the candidate and assist you with subsequent discussions.

Executive Search is a special profession. One in which knowledge of people, years of experience, an extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the employment market are essential. But especially also the ability to ‘trigger’ and ‘act’. Executive Search is all about trust.

Our method is in five stages

There are minimum requirements that you expect from an external partner, such as top-quality services, efficient methods and approach, skills and expertise, flexibility, the right qualifications and references. We have all of that in-house. But there’s more.

Our niche specialisation in HSEQ makes us unique in the world of Executive Search.


1. The working environment search

We analyse the business environment in which your future employee will be working. As well as the situation and requirements that created the vacancy in the first place. What do we look at? The culture, structure and external and internal contacts. That way we can present the job as clearly as possible to potential candidates.

2. The Search

We determine the search strategy that will deliver the best return. Both in terms of quantity and quality. We focus on potential candidates and then approach them discreetly. If they show an interest and are receptive to the idea of working for your company, we then tell them the company name.

3. Reporting and the introduction of candidates

We communicate with you regularly and transparently about the actions we take and the results we achieve. This enables adjustments to be made smoothly. We produce a shortlist of candidates that we would like to put you in contact with. Each report contains a summary of personal details, such as education, experience, reasons for wanting the job, current and expected salary. You then decide which candidates you wish to invite.

4. The contract discussion

We give you details of the final candidate’s current remuneration package, as well as his/her expectations and requirements. So there are no surprises.

5. Recruitment and follow-up

We keep track of the candidate for the first six months he or she is working for your company. And we refer back to you again after three and six months. As part of our agreement with you as a client, we also include a guarantee clause.