A fresh look for B\\DK

You may have noticed it: B\\DK has gained a couple of reverse slashes in its name. The website has taken an entirely new direction, too. And HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality) is even more central than ever. Everything has been very carefully thought through, says Inge De Kerf, managing director. “Clients and candidates can now feel even more at home with us.”

Every organisation would do well to look at itself under the microscope regularly. Which is exactly what executive search bureau B\\DK has done. What did it find? “We needed to be honest with ourselves. HSEQ is what drives us on. We know that from the 20 years we have been in business. We want everyone to know us as the market leader in executive search for HSEQ.”


“Because HSEQ is a specialist field that we know through and through. You’ll always see us at HSEQ events. What appeals to us most is the change of behaviour that jobs bring with them. How can you urge people to work more safely, more efficiently and more sustainably? How do you increase wellbeing in the workplace? These are the fundamental things that have such a big impact on business, people and society as a whole. For B\\DK it’s an honour to be able to make a contribution in this area. How do we do it? We connect the right people with interesting companies.”

 What makes  B\\DK so strong?

B\\DK is just a small team. Intentionally. “We stand out from agencies that have assistants and juniors – and also from agencies that position themselves as specialists in everything. We have deliberately opted to stay small. We know where our strengths lie and we use them to provide a genuinely personal service. We only do what we do well – and what we enjoy doing. That is something that experience has taught us.”

Just that little bit more

B\\DK’s communication has also been given a thorough facelift. “We have adapted our look-and-feel to bring it in line with our professional approach. Integrity and discretion are still important, but we are also stylish and warm. As is our office. And what about those two additional stripes in our name? They show that we always work in tandem. They also indicate that we give just that little bit more in everything we do.”