B\\DK opts intentionally for a sustainable approach

Inge De Kerf, managing director of B\\DK, is currently attending a series of lectures on ‘psychology for sustainability’. She’s doing it in Utrecht at Impact Academy, along with forty other sustainability specialists, all honing their knowledge about today’s sustainability challenges.

 This pithy series of talks is along the lines of the e-book‘Psychology for a better world – strategies for sustainable actions’, translated by Lars Moratis, professor at Antwerp Management School. The topics on offer all deal with how to mobilise people and make them aware of the need to genuinely speed up sustainability. And it is precisely this change in behaviour that is so enthralling for B\\DK.

Speakers include George Marshall on the human brain and climate change, Dr Annick Hedlund-de Witt on the psychology of identity and world views, and Fran Bambust on the levers for behavioural change and working with the psychology of sustainability.

It was demand from clients and its own interest in the topic that prompted B\\DK to become involved with sustainability. Together with IDC, B\\DK has broadened its views and worked on a plan to develop and implement a range of sustainability efforts and programmes. Read more about them here.