Why a retained Executive Search bureau is not a ‘no cure, no pay’ agency

“Do you work on a no cure, no pay basis?” That’s the question we hear frequently when we introduce ourselves to potential clients. And the answer is “no”. Because our services are very different. And we’re happy to explain why. Fancy a sneak preview?

Executive Search, or head hunting, is a specialised method of recruitment. We track down suitable candidates for senior positions or for other highly specialised posts. These are usually what you might call ‘rare’ appointments on the jobs market. The candidates themselves are not usually looking for a new job. As a result, they can be difficult to persuade to make a move. Which in turn makes these positions difficult to fill.

How we differ from no cure, no pay

A retained Executive Search bureau differs from no cure, no pay agencies because we work on the basis of a start-up fee at the outset. This means the client and the bureau agree a fixed amount before beginning work. The fee itself is based on the degree of difficulty in finding the person required. Agreeing a fee in advance also guarantees clarity for the client. So there are no unpleasant surprises. Making everyone a winner.

Features of retained executive search

  • Working on an exclusive, client-focused basis.
  • Carrying out a limited number of assignments at the same time to guarantee quality.
  • Involvement in all aspects in the search process: from defining a carefully tailored search process, right through to settling the candidate into his/her new job.
  • Using the full spectrum of active and also passive candidates on the market. Taking a long-term view. We continue to monitor the candidate once he/she has the job.
  • Representing clients confidentially.

Trust is key

Executive Search is all about trust. In working with clients as well as with candidates. People don’t want recruiters going to market with their CV if they don’t know which companies their application will be presented to. This often happens with agencies that are not working on a vacancy as an exclusive. It’s unprofessional. It also demonstrates to the market that the client is not prepared to invest properly in a professional, discreet Executive Search approach.

 How do we work?

We are a retained Executive Search bureau. And we go a lot further than merely looking for the right candidate for a vacant job. What we do is look for the perfect match between the corporate culture of our client and the DNA of the candidate. This enables us to work with clients on a long-term basis. And it’s a system that works!